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How To Reduce Your Utility Bills And Save Water

There are many affordable ways to improve the efficiency of landscape irrigation today. In addition many of the technologies available will pay for themselves many times over in water savings, as an added bonus the best watering systems will make for healthier plants and protect the Florida environment.

Question: Want to save water, reduce your utility bills, or build a green home?

Answer: Integrated Water Conservation Solutions…where WaterWise Irrigation Solutions innovative irrigation design takes into account:

Rainwater Collection/Harvesting
Rain Gardens
Bio-retention Swales
Graywater Recovery
Drainage Solutions
Water Efficient Irrigation Technologies
Specify controllers or central control systems that replace manual operation with 100% weather-based or ET-based scheduling
Use flow sensors to monitor hydraulic conditions in the field – Checks in real time for excessive flows caused by broken pipes, vandalized sprinklers or stuck valves. If a problem is detected the system will:
Locate the problem
Isolate the valve or mainline
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