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Efficient Irrigation Design

No step in creating an efficient irrigation system is more important than a well-thought design.

Modern irrigation systems have a broad range of solutions available to integrate into a system. The more traditional systems use timer or computer controlled pop-up sprinkler heads of the rotary type or spray type. A more efficient system for none-turf applications can be drip irrigations also called direct to root. Further still are the reintegration of very old technologies of cisterns and rain barrels to make use of stored rainwater. And lastly another option available is greater recycling to make full use of up to 80% of your household water use by utilizing greater as an additional source to irrigate the land.

Some might say the irrigation design process should start with the initial landscape design. By properly planning your landscape you can work with nature not against it and maximize the water efficiency.

The Florida irrigation experts at Grants Gardens understand how to design and build a highly efficient landscape irrigation system, and understand how to work with each unique site to apply the proper amount of water to keep things healthy and growing sustainable.

Below is a list of things our irrigation team will take into account when designing an irrigation system:

  • impervious and previous surfaces
  • rainwater collection
  • rainwater and/or runoff harvesting
  • rain gardens and bioswales/biocells
  • greywater recovery
  • drainage solutions
  • water efficient irrigation technologies
  • smart irrigation controllers or central control systems
  • irrigation controllers that utilize 100% weather-based or ET-based scheduling.
  • Use of flow sensors to monitor hydraulic conditions in the field - checks in real time for excessive flows caused by broken pipes, vandalized sprinklers or stuck valves.
    • If a problem is detected the system will:
    • locate the problem
    • isolate the valve or mainline
    • send alarm
  • correct planting hydrozones

If you would like a new irrigations system or are looking to make your current system more efficient contact Grants Gardens today.