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Rain Water Storage

Rain water storage systems range from the very simple rain barrel, to more sophisticated systems that have built in biological filtration and even some systems that will pump the sored water for use in greywater or blackwater areas (laundry machines or toilets).

The basic principle is the same. Use a large surface are to collect the water and store it into a tank. Once the water has been stored it can be used for landscape irrigation in drier times, or if processed correctly used for other residential or commercial purposes.

Larger systems can build into a home that store the roof runoff into a large underground tank with a pump to use in irrigation.

Contact Grants Gardens for more information about installing a cistern into your irrigation system.

Below are some diagrams illustrating how some of the available systems are set up.

Residential Cystern

Rain Barrels

RainXchange integfrated rainwater storage system