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Water Use Test

The Majority Of Water Used In Florida Is For Residential Consumption / Residential Landscape Irrigation.

Each Of Us Can Make A Big Impact By Doing Some Simple Things To Reduce Our Water Use At Home.

The Changes Range From:

  • Updating Plumbing Fixtures
  • Fixing Any Leaking Faucets
  • Have Children Take Showers Not Baths
  • Check Your Home Irrigation System For Leaks Or In Efficiency
  • Update Your Home Irrigation System With The Latest Sprinklers and Control Systems
  • Have Your Home Landscaped With Drought-Tolerant Or Low-water need Plants
  • Have Drought-Tolerant Gardens In Places Of Your Landscape That Get Hot And Dry
  • Keep Any High-Water Use Plants Only In The Cooler Shadier Areas Of Your Landscape