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Water Use FAQs

How Can I Store Rainwater For Irrigation Use?

Yes! There many solutions available to homeowners and businesses who what to make use of the rainwater on their property. Everything from simple rain barrels, to large underground cisterns to elaborate and decorative systems that appear like water gardens and purify the water with bio-filtration. more on rainwater harvesting systems

What Is Greywater And Is It Safe To Use?

Greywater is waste water from a house that has NOT come from the toilet. In most home greywater accounts for 80% of all water use. If the location is right, this water can be recycled and used for landscape irrigation. In cold climates many buildings can now also utilize the heat energy from greywater rather than letting it go down the drain. more on greywater recycle systems

What Is The Best Irrigation System?

There is no single answer for this question but in general the best irrigation solution is one that has been designed especially for your site. A properly designed irrigation system will need to be designed to work with your property's natural setting.

For example very shady areas will not need as much watering as exposed full sun areas, valve zones should be designed to water each area with only what is needed. A combination of irrigation technologies should also be used to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. For areas with no turf, a drip irrigations system is better suited, uses less water and has increased plant growth but little coverage.

The best irrigation designs will incorporate both a rain sensor and a computerized controller that will be programmed to deliver water when it is needed and even adjust timing for the seasons and weather. more on irrigation systems

Where Can I Get A Efficient Irrigation System?

The irrigation department at Grants Gardens is very experienced and takes personal pride in developing a comprehensive irrigation system that will keep plants healthy and green sustainable. If you would like more information about a new or replacement irrigation system contact Grants Gardens at 941 343 9396